Homemade Coffee Jello Recipe with Condensed Milk Cream

Meet our homemade coffee jello recipe with condensed milk cream! Jiggly gorgeous coffee jello topped with some delicious sweet cream… Super quick AND easy to make! That creamy richness from the sweet cream mixes with the slight bitterness and soft bite of the coffee jello giving such incredible flavors, melting right in your mouth. This is a delightful dessert that tastes… beautiful.

Best One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta {Creamy Vegan Recipe}

Get ready cause you’re gonna start making this one pot zucchini mushroom pasta every.single.day. It’s that good. Deliciously browned zucchini and hearty mushrooms tossed in a creamy coconut milk sauce. So good, so creamy, sooo rich and vegan too! What the heck do I even say about this pasta? It’s just the BEST and you need to try it right now!

Easy Homemade Japanese Royal Milk Tea Recipe: 3 ingredients!

I just know you’ll adore this Japanese Royal Milk Tea recipe. I’m so excited to share it with you! It’s a creamy, delicious tea made using ONLY 3 ingredients and is ready in less than 5 minutes! All the way from Japan, this exotic tea is rich, lush and sooo good. Go ahead and introduce your taste buds to something new. And hey, how gorgeous is that name?

Enchanting Blue Latte Recipe (Super Easy with Butterfly Pea)

This blue latte recipe makes a creamy, delicious and enchantingly beautiful drink. It looks like something out of a fairytale! Ready in just a few minutes, this gorgeous latte is made using dried or powdered butterfly pea flowers (we’ll tell you how to make it using both). Imagine creamy milk with those delicate slightly sweet flowers, mixed with some sweetened condensed milk… mmm… absolutely incredible. And wait till you see how beautiful it looks!

Best and Easy Creamy Garlic Canned Tuna Pasta Recipe

Why is this called the best and easy creamy garlic canned tuna pasta recipe? Okay, imagine this… warm pasta tossed in a rich creamy soft sauce cooked with butter, cream and sweet browned onions, hugging meaty garlicky flakes of tuna… THIS recipe is incredible and there’s just so much goodness in it. Oh and guess what? It’s ready in under an hour and super easy to reheat too. Such a treat!

Easy Crispy Fried Indian Chicken Mixed with Tangy Sauce

Hot, fresh out of the pan Indian fried chicken tossed in a delicious lightly spiced tangy yogurt sauce is an absolute dreamy delight! We love crispy chicken here and this easy crispy fried Indian chicken mixed with tangy sauce is one of our most favorite fried chicken recipes (all the way from India!).You’ll want to make it EVERY single day!