Dreamy Creamy One Pot Mouthwatering Butter Chicken Curry

This dreamy creamy one pot mouthwatering butter chicken curry tastes exactly how it sounds… incredible! Cubes of chicken marinated in a yogurt and cream base, cooked to tender perfection and then tossed in a gorgeous silky rich butter and tomato sauce… It can’t get any better than this curry that’s super famous in the whole world! Oh, and it’s cooked in one pot and ready in under an hour too!

Butteriest Scrumptious Butter Chicken Biryani

Get ready to have the tastiest, butteriest scrumptious butter chicken biryani ever! Layers and layers of creamy butter chicken spread over lightly spiced biryani rice, steamed together… absorbing all those amazing flavors of one another, garnished with fried onions, ghee and saffron milk. You’re gonna start making this rich delicious Indian dish ALL the time!

Rich & Aromatic Indian Chicken Korma Curry Cooked in Yogurt

Ever had a dish fit for royalty? This rich and aromatic Indian chicken korma curry cooked in yogurt will take you back in time and have you feasting like a royal! Juicy chunks of chicken cooked in browned onions, yogurt, cream and almonds… all in one pot! It can’t get better than this. Get a taste of Indian food history with this delicious rich Mughlai dish!

Easy Crispy Fried Indian Chicken Mixed with Tangy Sauce

Hot, fresh out of the pan Indian fried chicken tossed in a delicious lightly spiced tangy yogurt sauce is an absolute dreamy delight! We love crispy chicken here and this easy crispy fried Indian chicken mixed with tangy sauce is one of our most favorite fried chicken recipes (all the way from India!).You’ll want to make it EVERY single day!