Privacy Policy

Effective as of April 20, 2022

The Buttery Fairytale, (“The Buttery Fairytale”, “we”, “us”or “our”) has set this Privacy Policy in place as we understand how important your privacy is to you. We, along with you, care about how your information is gathered, collected, shared, used and stored. This Privacy Policy has been written and put in place to explain what information is collected when you visit and use our Website ( (hereafter called, the “Website”).

By visiting and using the Website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and also, to the Terms and Conditions of the Website. You also agree to us collecting, using and disclosing the information along with such other actions as are explained in this Privacy Policy. If we do not have your consent to this, please leave the Website immediately.

If you happen to be a resident of a country in Europe (a country in the EEA – European Economic Area), a resident of California, or a resident of Nevada, please read the “Additional Information for Residents of Europe”, the “Additional Information for Residents of California”, and the “Additional Information for Residents of Nevada” information given below as you read through this Privacy Policy. We request that if you have a doubt or question you would like an answer to or would like to exercise your rights related to the respective laws, please contact us on our email address – hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com


This Privacy Policy is effective as on the original date it has been posted on, which is visible at the beginning of this Policy. Please remember to keep checking the Privacy Policy when you can because we will keep updating it as and when we deem necessary. These changes will immediately be in effect as soon as they are made. Sometimes, we may inform you of the changes on our Homepage itself through an alert, or personally through an email sent to you if you have chosen to receive our Email Newsletter. The revised date shall be mentioned on top of this Privacy Policy. When you revisit the Website after the Privacy Policy has been made changes to, it will be taken as you having accepted the Privacy Policy.


Information is collected from you whenever you use the Website, including information you give us when you sign up for our Email Newsletter, any information you provide when you choose to comment on the Website, use the content we provide to you through the Website, communicate with us for information or to share or suggest a recipe to us, etc. The information transferred here may also include your personal information.

The following is the information we collect, how collection of that information is made, and how that information is used and shared by us. This also includes the various types of information that is collected and has been collected in the past twelve months:

a. Information Given to Us by You:

Information Given to Us- A mode of collection of your personal information by the Website, may be through the information you may on your own, submit to the Website or to us personally. This may be in the way of you sending us a mail to request submitting or suggesting a recipe to the Website, responding to us and agreeing when we mail you on our own asking if you would like to submit a recipe to the Website or also by you mailing us suggesting or requesting us to create a certain kind of recipe to post on the Website. It may also be by way of you adding a comment to the posts on the Website or by subscribing to our Email Newsletter. We may use this mailing list for advertising purposes. The information collected under this section also includes information regarding comments you post publicly under our posts or when you reach out to us regarding any sort of information, questions or feedback. This may also be when you reply to someone under the comments on the Website.

Cookies- Information about you may be stored by using cookies. Cookies are basically small files containing data that are kept on your browser by the Website. Two types of cookies may be used by us to make your experience better on the Website. These are- session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only last as long as you stay on the browser and close the moment the browser is shut whereas, persistent cookies need to be manually deleted by the user.

Information Given to Us by Others- Others may provide us with information about you. This may occur when you use another software, a third-party software while visiting the Website, etc. These are some of the ways others can provide us with information about you as well.

Information That May Be Collected Automatically- Some information may automatically be collected by us related to you. An example of this may be the device you are using to visit the Website. An example of this also may be that when you visit the Website, we will be storing your IP address, the system type on which you are operating, the website referring you to the Website, information about your activity on the Website such as the pages you have visited on the Website, any action you have taken on the Website, etc. Information may also be the browser you are using and the date/time or dates/times you visited the Website. Sometimes, some aspects of the Website may also be based on your location. Such information is transferred when you are using your mobile and you may stop us and other websites from storing such information by changing the settings on your browser. If this happens, features unique to your location may not be provided to you.

Various current and also later technologies developed to track will collect information from you on their own when you use the Website. These will also include the following:


Like many other websites, the Website also uses the technology of cookies. As has already been mentioned above, this basically means that data is collected automatically when you visit the Website. This is information that is unique to your device. It can be information such as what operating system you are using, your IP address, the type of browser you are using, pages referring you and URLs as well as the time and date on which you are visiting, keywords and the parts of the Website that you access, the time you spend on the Website, etc.

Types of Cookies We Use:

When it comes to cookies, different types of cookies are used in various websites. Let us understand these in detail. Broadly, cookies may either be session or persistent cookies. Session cookies are removed automatically when the browser is closed. When it comes to persistent cookies though, these will remain until they expire on their own or are manually removed or deleted by you. When it comes to the expiration time, these are present in the cookies themselves and some may expire in a short period of time but some may expire after a few years as well. Cookies that are placed by the Website are called “First Party Cookies”.

Cookies known as Strictly Necessary Cookies are incredibly important for the Website and cannot be switched off. These cookies are mandatory to help you use the Website. If you disable these types of cookies, the Website may not function properly or may not be usable by you at all. The following are the different kinds of cookies we use on the Website:

  • Essential Cookies: The Website uses essential cookies to work. To make sure our functions work, these cookies are mandatory and incredibly important. Without them, you will not be able to use the Website. These cookies can be disabled in your browser’s settings, but the Website may not be able to function well after such disablement of these cookies.
  • Marketing Cookies: Marketing Cookies basically help us know who are interested in certain aspects and then follow such users through websites. These cookies help us understand who is interested in what and thus, help us in delivering a more personal sales experience to them.
  • Performance and Functionality Cookies: The Website uses such cookies to make the working of the Website better and smoother. These are not essential to you but if you choose not to use these cookies, the videos and pictures on the Website may not load well or load at all.
  • Analytics and Cookies that Help in Customizing: Such cookies help in collecting information from the user that shows us and lets us know how our marketing efforts are working, if we are carrying any out at that time. It also helps us make your user experience better and customize and change the Website according to your preferences.

The cookies we use under this category are those by Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps us collect data in a limited manner from the browsers of our users to help us get to know how you use the Website. If you would like to know more about this, you can visit:

You can opt out of Google Analytics on the following website:

  • Advertising Cookies: Advertising cookies are those that look at your activity on the web and over a period of time, gather information about how you act on the Website and on other such online mediums. This helps in making more personalized advertisements for you. These cookies also help in stopping you from viewing the same advertisement all the time. It also makes sure that these advertisements are shown well for advertisers.

It is difficult for an advertiser without cookies to ever reach their audience. These cookies also help show the advertiser how many times their advertisement was viewed and who all showed interest in it by clicking on it.

  • Third-Party Cookies: Third-party cookies are those cookies that are created by entities that do not include the Website. These are also once again, mainly used to advertise to you. We do not have these cookies in our control and these cookies can only be controlled and handled by the third party involved that put them in place.

These are the list of cookies being used on the Website:

What You Can Do When it Comes to Cookies:

When it comes to cookies and their settings, many browsers that are commonly used may allow you to enter into your “settings” on the browser and control your preference when it comes to cookies. It should be kept in mind though, that the more you control and stop cookies, the more your experience on websites may degrade.

Blocking Cookies:

You may through your browser, change the settings to block cookies. This may block the essential cookies as explained above that are present on the Website. This will then stop the Website from working well and this will affect your experience as a user. You may also lose out on information you may have saved on the Website. Different browsers handle this function differently. You may need to manually go into your browser and delete said cookie as well.


When it comes to pixels, these are also called web beacons. These are pieces of code integrated into videos, emails, advertisements and websites. Together with cookies, they are used to understand and follow the activity on a certain browser on that respective device. Pixels are important because they help us measure the performances of parts of the Website and help us understand conversions and if they have occurred. Our Email Newsletters may contain pixels as well that are also known as tracking pixels.


What this means is basically understanding and putting together data from the browser of your device that fits together with one another. This creates a “fingerprint” and we can understand your device and browser when you use it because it becomes unique to you.

b. Information You Provide to Us Voluntarily:

Voluntary information may be provided to us by you that we do not ask for, on your own. This can be as simple as giving us information when you want to submit your recipe on the Website, or when you suggest a recipe to us to create and post on the Website. This makes you completely responsible for the submitted information.

c. Information We Get from External Sources:

The above given ways are not the only ways we collect information. We collect information from external sources as well. The following groups of external sources information is collected from are given below:

  • The users who use the Website;
  • Social network websites when you react to the content posted by us, visit the Website, or give us the permission to understand how you have reacted on these social networks;
  • Sources that are out there in the public. This also is information that is present in the public domain.

d. Aggregate Data:

We always want to get to know the users of the Website better. To do so, information that has been aggregated or de-identified may be used by us for the better working of the Website. It may also be used to better the Website. It should be kept in mind that through this information, we will not be able to know who you are personally. This data may also be used and shared in any way except as is illegal under the law that is applicable. If you have any doubts regarding what your rights may be in this matter, please refer to the section speaking about the same below- “Your Rights and Choices Explained”.

f. Converging with Social Media:

We, as a Website, have accounts on different social media platforms – websites and applications. We need to mention here that when you leave the Website and interact with us on these platforms, those platforms may be collecting information about you and may be dealing with your information in their own way. Now, the information collected by those platforms is different from the way we deal with your information as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. The way these platforms deal with your information, the way they store it, share it with us, which country they store it in and so forth, is according to their own policies. We do not have anything to do with these websites and the way they deal with the information they collect from you. We suggest you understand the terms and policies given by them on their websites and applications to get to know how your information is being used by those platforms.

Reasons of Collecting and Using Your Information:

When it comes to the reason why we collect your information, it is mainly for the purposes of making the Website better and also for commercial and business use in this sense. We use the information being taken, only as per the way we have mentioned in this Privacy Policy. The reason why we collect and use your information is to:

  • Give it to the Website support to use it as is needed;
  • Be able to reply to you and your concerns, comments and feedback on time;
  • Prevent a breach of the policies or terms mentioned here and to also prevent any sort of harm;
  • Analyze and understand what the current trends are, what features of the Website are being used by our users and how they are reacting to the Website as a whole;
  • Understand how the Website may work better;
  • Make sure you see relevant content being marketed to you on the Website which includes but is not limited to advertisements;
  • Hold competitions and giveaways;
  • Send you our Email Newsletter;
  • To share recipes suggested or submitted by the users;
  • To conduct any such purposes for the Website while taking your consent or without doing so.

Sharing Your Information:

The information mentioned above may be shared by us. This may include personal information submitted to us which we collect according to this Privacy Policy as has been already mentioned. Now, the platforms that we shall disclose and share information to, and have disclosed and shared such information within the past twelve months include:

  • Service Providers: We may hire companies that are not a part of the Website to gain and make use of information for our business. If this happens, the personal information shall be used according to their Privacy Policy.

At this point in time, we are not sharing your information with such entities.

  • Third Parties: Information provided to us is shared for purposes that are commercial and may also be for marketing. Under this falls technology that makes use of analytics and also companies that deal in advertising. Your information may also be shared on the Website and our social media accounts if you submit a recipe or suggest a recipe to us and this will be done taking your consent which means you agree to this Policy and the Terms and Conditions unless you expressly state you do not want your personal details or any part of your personal details (such as your name, picture, story behind the recipe) to be shared along with your recipe. Your consent in this way shall mean we can use your information while advertising and marketing the Website as well.
  • Affiliates: The Website may participate in affiliate marketing. This is done by placing links on the Website. If you choose to click on a link we place for an affiliate product, a cookie as explained above, will be placed on your browser. The reason for this is so it can follow any sales made so a small commission can be earned by us. We also share information with affiliates for commercial purposes.

Some links that have been placed on the Website are affiliate links. By clicking on these links, and making a purchase, our Website will earn a small commission on the sale made at no extra cost to you. The price for you while making such a purchase will remain the same and there will be absolutely no extra charges to be paid by you.

The Buttery Fairytale is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

  • Transfer of the Business: If there happens to be negotiations that may or may not lead to a merger, or in the event a merger is proposed, or there may be a reorganization, purchase of a part of our assets or all our assets, a transfer to another business, bankruptcy, etc., information shall be shared in all these events.
  • The Law, Public Authorities or For the Well Being and Safety of Persons: In the event of a situation occurring wherein it is asked of us to share information on the order or request of the law by public authorities, orders by the law enforcement, court requests, subpoenas, etc. We shall be sharing such information. If there is a situation wherein it is in the best interest of life, property, health, rights, safety, integrity, security, well-being of us in a situation, or of the Website or of any other person, we shall share such information.


We shall be using one or more services that provide us with analytics of the Website. An example is Google Analytics. This is to understand how you, our users are using the Website, to collect data on the activities and how people are responding to the Website based on how the analytics service collects information of IP addresses, the internet service provider you are using, the browser you are using to visit the Website, etc. and related information such as this. To do so, these entities use something known as cookies as has already been explained above.

When you visit the Website, you agree to the fact that the data given above about you will be taken by such services and for the reasons and uses mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

It should also be mentioned here that the usage and contact information we have shall also be shared with third parties who are not a part of the Website for purposes that may be of marketing or advertising or both.

You have the choice to remove yourself or choose not to take part in the advertising that we may do. We may use technology services (Google Adwords, for example) to advertise the Website to users who have visited the Website in the past and left an action incomplete on the Website. You can use the Google Ad Preferences page to choose how Google advertisements are shown to you and you can also completely remove yourself from it.

Not just this but we may also use a particular service whereby similar people can be matched and found to advertise to. Such services may act as a service provider belonging to us and sometimes, may also keep the list provided to them for such purposes. As of now, the Website is not using such services.


We respect your rights and choices and we know how important such a topic is for our users. Under this section, we shall be discussing what you can opt to do when it comes to you and your information.

1. You Can Choose to Opt-Out of Sharing Completely:

This is the first option you can choose. If you feel the need to remove your information from being shared with third parties when it comes to advertising and marketing (when they are acting externally and not as service providers with and for the Website), for distributing ads to you, for optimizing ads for you, you can always remove yourself from this.

To do so, please send us an email at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com

2. Your Choices When it Comes to Technologies that Can Track You:

  • Cookies- When it comes to cookies, many browsers automatically accept them as a default setting. You, as the user, can manually change the settings of your browser to either accept, deny or delete cookies altogether. It should be mentioned here that if you use more than a single browser on your particular device, you will definitely need to go and change the settings on each browser individually. When it comes to whether you can limit cookies on the browser and use such a setting, it depends on the settings on your browser and the limitations that may exist. This is usually a simple process though and can easily be attained.
  • Do Not Track- There is a certain setting on your browser that may allow a “Do Not Track” signal to any online mediums you may visit. It should be known however that as of now, there is no rule or standard in the industry on what site owners should do with these signals. Therefore, until the law requires us to do so, we do not follow any opt-out or do not track concepts including the general “Do Not Track” settings that may be on your web browser.

It needs to be mentioned here that if any part of a tracking technology is removed, some parts of the Website may not work properly as they are supposed to.

3. What Your Choices are When it Comes to Us Communicating With You:

  • You Can Opt-Out of the Weekly Email Newsletter: At any point in time, you can choose to opt out of the weekly newsletter service from us. You can directly mail us at – hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com or just click on Unsubscribe beneath the email sent to you. You can then follow the directions given in the link that opens.
  • Push Notifications: You can opt out from receiving push notifications on the device you are using to visit the Website by just adjusting the required permissions that are in your device.

It should be mentioned here that when you opt out, this shall only be with regard to the email address or device you are using at the time. If you choose to go forward with opting in at a later date, this shall not be affected.

4. Opting Out of Analytics and Advertising Based on Your Interest:

Here, we shall explain what you can do to be able to opt out of any such third parties collecting your data for analytics and also for advertising.

Google has made available certain options for you to be able to opt out of Google Analytics. The link you can go to is as follows:

You can also opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising also at the Google Display Network at:

You can mail us if you want to opt out of using any of your information for Matched Ads. At this point, we are not using any kind of such service but if we ever do and you want to opt out of it, please contact us at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com.

Not only this, but on your device, you can limit the information the Website can collect about your device so specific ads are not shown to you. On iOS, you can choose “Limit Ad Tracking” by accessing the settings on your device. On Android, you can access the settings on your device and select, “Opt Out of Interest Based Ads”.


We understand how individuals view privacy and how their information is used differently. A topic such as this, the comfort attached to it and how it is perceived, varies from person to person. Protecting your information is incredibly important to us. To do so, we make sure we carry out various security methods to protect your information from ever falling into the wrong hands, being stolen, lost, changed, destroyed, be made public or used wrongly. We make sure we take care of your information in a large way, taking into account the risks attached to the kind of information in question and not just this, but also the necessary rules and laws to be followed. Nonetheless, no matter how hard we try, the information that exists online and how it is transferred can never be a hundred percent secure and so we cannot give you a guarantee as to how secure your information will be but we try our best to always keep it as safe as possible.


It needs to be mentioned here that the Website is only for the public in general and it is not for children who happen to be under thirteen (13) years old. We on purpose and with knowledge do not take/gather/collect/ask for personal information from children (as has been stated and defined under the US Children’s Privacy and Protection Act, or “COPPA”) which is in a form that is not allowed and permitted by the COPPA. It is requested to you that if you happen to be under the age of thirteen (13), please do not give us any kind of personal information. We also request the parents and legal guardians of children to follow this Privacy Policy and always keep a watch and check on how their child uses the internet, their activity on various websites, the websites they visit, and also to help them understand that they should never give the Website or any other website any kind of personal information without your permission.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child and you believe that we have some information of personal nature regarding your child that is illegal or not permitted by the law, please contact us at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com. Upon receipt of such an email, we will try and make sure to delete all the information your child has given us from wherever we can on the Website according to and as far as the laws that apply at that time allow us.


The creators of the Website are located in India. This means that any information that is collected by us and the content we post will have the law of the United States applicable to it and any personal actions taken shall have the law of India applicable to it. In case you happen to be visiting the Website from a country outside of the United States or India, it should be known by you that the information collected by our Website, which includes your personal information, will be kept, stored, used, transferred, put in process in the United States and other such jurisdictions. It should be known to you that when it comes to laws that protect your data, these may be different than those that are in your country.


If you live in a country in Europe (the European Economic Area – EEA), then the GDPR and such laws that apply related to data protection give you multiple rights to your information. You have the right to have access to your personal data, to ensure that your personal data is correct and accurate, to ask us to remove or delete your personal data and the right to ask us to stop processing your personal data further.

If you want us to remove your personal data, or if you would rather like to get more information about your personal data that is kept with us, if any, on the Website, all you need to do is contact us at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com.


The added information that has been given here applies only to the residents of California. This law is only for those who reside in California. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides added rights to access, remove and take yourself out of sharing your information. Along with this, it asks businesses that collect or disclose information to put forth notices and the ways to exercise and use your rights.

The California Law gives the residents of California the right to remove themselves from the “sale” that may happen of their personal information. This is when it is done with third parties, which includes for the purposes of advertising as well. In California, when it comes to your information being shared to a service provider for the purposes of advertising, it can be considered to be a “sale”. If you want to remove yourself from your information being shared, click the link in the footer of the page that states “opt out” or you can send us an email at- hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com for the same.

You also have the right to ask us and request to know the types of personal information that we have already shared and the types of third parties your information was given to. If you would like to make a request such as this, you can contact our Ad Network. It should be known that your name, your email address or any other such information of private nature is not shared with third parties.


Under the Nevada Privacy of Information Collected on the Internet from Consumers Act (also known as the “NPICICA”), the residents of Nevada may choose to remove themselves from the sale of their personal information. As we have already mentioned, your personal information may be shared by us with third parties such as service providers. A sale under the Nevada Law is when there is an exchange of the personal information in question, for a monetary amount by the business to a third party. This is so that the third party can sell this personal information to other such third parties. If you have any doubts regarding how we work with this law, or want to know how we comply with this law, please contact us at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com.


If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or any other such questions, you can contact us in the following way:

Email us at- hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com


We may change our Privacy Policy or the Cookies Policy mentioned within this Privacy Policy itself and our Terms and Conditions. As has already been mentioned above, you need to keep visiting these pages whenever you can so you can see when any such changes have taken place.

When you use the Website, it is a known fact that you consent to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.