Frequently Asked Questions

A) What will I find on The Buttery Fairytale?

On The Buttery Fairytale, you’ll find a warm space, filled with delicious recipes of all kinds that we hold close to our hearts.

We would love for you to create your own food memories with these recipes and that’s exactly why we’re sharing them with all of you!

So, what will you find on The Buttery Fairytale?…

  • Super detailed recipes with instructions, tips and tricks that go super in-depth along with pictures of every step so you don’t ever feel confused while cooking. Our recipe posts are long and they’re filled with extensive useful information. I want you to come here and get all the necessary information possible related to a recipe ❤.
  • Delicious recipes you’ll want to make again and again. I find myself craving every recipe from here almost all the time. I’ll share only the best with you all, I promise.
  • All kinds of recipes! Simple or a little advanced, healthy-ish and light or hearty and indulgent, close to authentic (I won’t ever claim 100% authenticity unless the recipe belongs to my culture), or inspired by a recipe from a certain cuisine and my take on it, with meat as well as vegetarian as well as vegan…! We want you to be spoiled for choice here.
  • Recipes that work and are dependable! We try and test our recipes a bajillion times before posting them and cook them almost all the time at home too. The Buttery Fairytale has become like my own personal cookbook and I visit it to remake my own recipes! That’s how good and reliable our recipes are, they won’t ever let you down.
  • Super simple and easy recipes. I always try and post recipes that are simple and easy to make. I also always try my best to go into as much detail as possible in every single recipe just so it’s easy for you guys to cook and fall in love with cooking. We don’t just go into great detail in our recipe instructions, we also give you guys really helpful tips and tricks to follow to make your dish taste incredible every single time!
  • Recipes that are made with ingredients that are really easy to find! No frustrating recipes with impossible-to-find ingredients here. I’m sure you can make most of our recipes literally right at this moment cause you probably have most of the ingredients at home already.
  • Oh and hey, are you a new cook? If you are then don’t worry at all! I promise to be super clear when writing the instructions down so users of all culinary levels can enjoy the recipes I post! I’m passionate about being there for all you new cooks. That’s because when I first started to cook, I was NERVOUS as heck! That nervousness of cooking topped with the fear of messing a dish up 😱… I hear you guys. Trust me though, it gets better! I would love to make you fall in love with the entire process of cooking sooo much that you simply can’t wait a single minute to start cooking!
  • And yes, you’ll find some advanced recipes on The Buttery Fairytale as well, but they’re easy to follow too. These recipes may sometimes take longer to cook such as this Butteriest Scrumptious Butter Chicken Biryani recipe and can be made for a special day if you’re looking for something like that! These recipes are awesome for when you want to challenge yourself a bit but they’re still really easy. I’ll always try to keep the recipes as simple as possible 😊.
  • Also, we don’t just share recipes here. We also share some pretty fun helpful food info such as this really interesting question about Royal milk tea vs Milk tea and what exactly is the difference between them. We also answer some food questions you may have such as how to reheat alfredo sauce pasta.
  • I also try and create recipes for as many dietary preferences as possible on The Buttery Fairytale. Please make sure to check recipes here that tickle your fancy even if they do not match your dietary preference. That’s because as much as I can and wherever possible, I try and mention Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and many more options, substitutions and variations in those recipes as well. Just check the ‘Table of Contents’ of the recipe you like, to see if your dietary preference has been mentioned there (you can also Explore our Categories to discover more). I want the recipes here to be accessible to as many people as possible and it will mean the absolute world to me if you can create these recipes no matter what your diet preference is.

I try and keep The Buttery Fairytale as comforting and positive as possible. I would love for this place to be filled with people who love to cook and eat as much as we do ❤.

To get to know more about The Buttery Fairytale and the creators behind it (MIsh & Zee) you can visit our About page.

B) How can I subscribe to The Buttery Fairytale?

You can enter your email address on either of the Newsletter Forms that appear on all our posts or you can visit our Newsletter page here.

You may even find a pop-up Newsletter Form appearing on any of our posts if you spend a bit of time on it!

C) How can I contact The Buttery Fairytale?

If you have a question regarding a certain recipe, you can comment under that recipe and I’ll reply to your comment as soon as possible 😊!

This is the fastest way to get your question answered. It may help others who have the same question as well.

I’m all ears and would absolutely love to hear from you! You can always send me an email at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com

I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as I can, I promise.

I try responding to all the emails I receive but unfortunately, I may sometimes miss out on an email or take a bit of time to respond.

Your emails are always appreciated and mean so much to me. Even if I can’t reply fast enough, I want you to know that a single email from you makes us so happy and pushes us to work harder.

If for some reason you haven’t received an email back from me, you can also send us a message on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Thank you so much for taking out the time to get in touch!

If you want to get in touch for any other reason, you can read more here.

D) Is there any way we can help or support The Buttery Fairytale?

You have no idea how much it means to us when we get emails and messages from you guys asking us this question.

Thank you so much ❤.

We started The Buttery Fairytale with a passion and to have YOU want to help and support us is… everything.

You can help and support us in quite a few ways. A few of them are…

  • When you try a recipe on our blog and like or (we really hope) love it, you can leave a star rating ⭐ along with a comment on that recipe. This does so much for our blog and goes an incredibly long way to help us grow online. It also leads to so many more people being able to discover us! All this just by a few clicks by YOU (now that’s what I call power 🤩!). This also helps me understand which recipes you all enjoy more. Which means I can work on bringing more such recipes to you! When you give a recipe a positive rating or comment, you can’t imagine the kind of happiness we feel. I don’t think I can explain it even if I try… It just feels like… we have so much love and support. It feels incredible. Thank you so much ❤.
  • You can also help us by sharing your favorite recipes from The Buttery Fairytale with your friends and family via email or text. You can go ahead and share your favorite recipes from The Buttery Fairytale with the world on social media through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or wherever you prefer.
  • Not just that, but you can also follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. You can engage with us on these platforms by liking, commenting, sharing and/or saving our content. This helps us a lot too.
  • You can also share the picture of a recipe you created from The Buttery Fairytale on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook and tag us @thebutteryfairytale and hashtag it #thebutteryfairytale in your picture! We love seeing your recipe creations and when we see you create our recipes, we get the biggest boost ever 💕!

Thank you so much once again for wanting to help us out. You guys are the absolute best!

E) Can I post your pictures or recipes on my blog or elsewhere?

Thank you so much for wanting to share our work 😊.

Posting One Image (without any part or related content of that recipe post): You can share One Image from a recipe of your choice with proper credit to us in the form of a link back to the URL of the original post. We’ll appreciate it so much!

When sharing it in a Recipe Roundup: You can feature One Image of our recipe when sharing it in a Recipe Roundup with proper credit to our blog in the form of two mandatory link backs. One link back should be to the URL of the original recipe post on The Buttery Fairytale and the other link back should be to the URL our homepage, ““, thank you ❤.

If you have created a recipe inspired by one of our recipes on The Buttery Fairytale: First of all, thank you for liking our work! You should give us credit by directly sharing a link to our Blog Post of the said recipe as the Original Source of inspiration. Please make sure you do not have ANYTHING copied from our Recipe Post on your own blog (which includes all our written content, pictures, videos and the recipe itself with the ingredients and directions/instructions and anything else related to the entire post).

If you have any doubts whatsoever, please contact us on hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com, we’ll be glad to help.

Please keep in mind…

We work hard on The Buttery Fairytale to make sure we provide delicious recipes, photos, videos (that are difficult to shoot) and engaging written content to our readers.

All of our work is copyrighted.

You are NOT allowed to ever copy and paste or post an entire recipe or blog post (which includes photos, videos, the recipe, written content and any material related to the same) or even a small part of the recipe or blog post that belongs to The Buttery Fairytale in any format, whether it be a website, a video, on any social media platform, written, in print or in any other way. We won’t ever give permission for this. This hurts our blog and we are very strict in this matter.

You are also not allowed to show any of the content of The Buttery Fairytale as being your own. If you ever use, share or distribute any of our content without our permission in writing, it will be an infringement of our copyright and necessary legal action will be taken against you.

F) Can I send a recipe suggestion to The Buttery Fairytale?

Of course you can!

The recipes we post here revolve around our favorite meals and memories, so we would totally love for you to suggest a recipe to us that means something to you too!

We may end up trying and creating our own version of the recipe you suggest to us. Maybe even share it here on the blog!

You can also send us a personal story or memory you have related to the recipe. We would love to read it!

If we post the recipe, we may also share your name and story in it with a special “Thank You” note for the suggestion!

P.S. We are not asking you to submit an entire recipe to us, though you can share a few details about it. For example, there are so many different kinds of Butter Chicken curries out there. If you want to suggest one to us, you can tell us how maybe yours had tomatoes and cream in it…? This is so we can understand the kind of recipe it is and try and create it sort of the same way on our own with small changes, if any. This is because we would love to create a recipe that is close to your heart by working with ingredients and experimenting on our own! Since we are creating the recipe on our own the recipe will belong to The Buttery Fairytale.

P.P.S. For our fellow bloggers, this is not a Guest Post.

You can email us at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com, leave a comment under any post or find out more ways to contact us here to recommend a recipe you’d like us to make!