“Cook up your own fairytale…”

Hey there! Thank you for being here. We appreciate it so much.

We are Mish and Zee… and well, we ADORE food!

Mish & Zee owners of The Buttery Fairytale enjoying snow on a mountain

I’m Mish and Zee’s my husband.

I’ll talk about The Buttery Fairytale just a bit here so you understand what it’s about!

For those who love to read (fellow reader? Hello!) and want to get to know more about us and how The Buttery Fairytale came about, I’ve gone deeper in detail below this part!

So yes…

At The Buttery Fairytale, we go by two major beliefs:

  • We believe anyone can cook absolutely delicious food. All you need is the right recipe and detailed instructions and tips to help you out! And that’s exactly why we go super in detail in every single recipe (along with pictures of every step) of ours to make sure you know exactly what to do and what to expect when cooking something. I’m passionate for people to learn how to cook delicious food. We delve deep into every recipe. I want The Buttery Fairytale to be your best friend and your cooking guide ❤.
  • We also believe food is closely related to memories. If the taste of a recipe here can make you recollect an old memory, or create a new one, we’ll be SO happy. I would love for these recipes to be a part of your life and special moments too because food memories run deep and it’ll be such an honor to be a part of yours.

The recipes we share here with you guys are those that have been in my family for a really long time and also ones that I create on my own.

All the recipes here are our own original recipe creations and we click our own photos

The second I feel I’ve found something super scrumptious, I work on it until I feel it’s perfect and only then do I share it with all of you (you guys deserve the best ⭐!).

I’ve tested every single recipe here multiple times to give you the most amazing cooking and eating experience possible.

I also try sharing recipes that are simple AND delicious at the same time because I would love to help you cook every day if you want to or have to.

Cooking food that tastes incredible doesn’t have to be difficult and don’t ever let someone tell you otherwise. I used to have people tell me that when I was just learning to cook and it scared me so much like what the heck!

It’s not true!

You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to come up with something delicious.

So what can you expect to find here at The Buttery Fairytale…?

  • Super detailed recipes with instructions, tips and tricks that really go in-depth along with pictures of every step so you don’t ever feel confused while cooking. Our recipe posts are long because they’re filled with useful information. I want to help you guys and make you confident in the kitchen. I want you to come here and get all the necessary information possible related to a recipe ❤.
  • Delicious recipes you’ll want to make again and again right from quick and easy recipes to cozy comforting food to new foods from different cultures. I find myself craving every recipe from here almost all the time. I’ll share only the best with you all, I promise. The recipes here are super awesome, delicious and perfect for anyone of any level of cooking to get into.
  • You’ll find all kinds of recipes here! Simple or a little advanced, healthy-ish and light or hearty and indulgent, close to authentic (I won’t ever claim 100% authenticity unless the recipe belongs to my culture), or inspired by a recipe from a certain cuisine and my own take on it, with meat as well as vegetarian as well as vegan…! We want you to be spoiled for choice here.
  • Recipes that work and are dependable! We try and test our recipes a bajillion times before posting them and cook them almost all the time at home too. The Buttery Fairytale has become like my own personal cookbook and I visit it to remake my own recipes! That’s how good and reliable our recipes are, they won’t ever let you down.
  • Super simple and easy recipes. I always try and post recipes that are simple and easy to make. I also always try my best to go into as much detail as possible in every single recipe just so it’s easy for you guys to cook and become super confident in the kitchen. Not only do we go into great detail in our instructions to make the recipe as easy to make as possible but we also give you guys really helpful tips and tricks to follow to make your dish taste incredible every single time!
  • Oh and hey, are you a new cook? If you are then don’t worry at all! I promise to be super clear when writing the instructions down so users of all culinary levels can enjoy the recipes I post! I’m really passionate about being there for all you new cooks. That’s because when I first started to cook, I was NERVOUS as heck! That nervousness of cooking topped with the fear of messing a dish up 😱… I hear you guys. Trust me though, it gets better! I would love to make you fall in love with the entire process of cooking sooo much that you simply can’t wait a single minute to start cooking!
  • And yes, you’ll find some advanced recipes on The Buttery Fairytale as well, but they’re easy to follow too. These recipes may sometimes take longer to cook such as this Butteriest Scrumptious Butter Chicken Biryani recipe and can be made for a special day if you’re looking for something like that! These recipes are awesome for when you want to challenge yourself a bit but they’re still really easy. I’ll always try to keep the recipes as simple as possible 😊.
  • Almost all our recipes are made with ingredients that are really easy to find! No frustrating recipes with impossible-to-find ingredients here. I’m sure you can make most of our recipes literally right at this moment cause you probably have most of the ingredients at home already.
  • Also, we don’t just share recipes here. We also share some pretty fun helpful food info such as this really interesting question about Royal milk tea vs Milk tea and what exactly is the difference between them. We also answer some food questions you may have such as how to reheat alfredo sauce pasta.
  • I also try and create recipes for as many dietary preferences as possible on The Buttery Fairytale. Please make sure to check recipes here that tickle your fancy even if they do not match your dietary preference. That’s because as much as I can and wherever possible, I try and mention Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and many more options, substitutions and variations in those recipes as well. Just check the ‘Table of Contents’ of the recipe you like, to see if your dietary preference has been mentioned there (you can also Explore our Categories to discover more). I want the recipes here to be accessible to as many people as possible and it will mean the absolute world to me if you can create these recipes no matter what your diet preference is.

If you ever have any questions, I will always be available at hello(at)thebutteryfairytale(dot)com to help out.

You can also check out our FAQs if you have any more questions. Maybe we have answered them there.

If you have a question about a certain recipe, you can comment under it and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Have fun and a delicious time, you!

Happy Cooking ❤!

You can continue reading below if you’d like to know more about The Buttery Fairytale and the people behind it (me and my husband, hello again 😊!).

If not, you can jump right into the Recipe Index and find the perfect meal to cook today… Yum!

Grab a warm cup of tea or coffee ☕ or maybe even a snack… time for us to get to know each other better.

Please share your thoughts and tell me about yourself in the comments below too. I would love to get to know all about you!

Welcome to The Buttery Fairytale

Do you have a recipe that means the world to you?

Or one that evokes the absolute best memories and emotions in you?

I do, and I’m sure you do too! And that’s exactly how we came up with The Buttery Fairytale.

Hey there, I’m Mish!

I’m Indian and my parents moved to the Middle East a few years before I was born. I was brought up there for the first 13 years of my life.

I fell in love with the food of that culture as well as the food of my own culture that my mom cooked at home.

One of the traditional Middle Eastern dishes I loved of that country was something called shawarma… An absolutely delicious dish made with soft pita bread, succulent juicy chicken and creamy garlic sauce… Yum ❤.

I would want to have it almost every day as a child (still do!).

We then moved to loads of different countries around the world that I’m so grateful for today because I grew up discovering and falling in love with so many different countries, cultures, tastes and flavors of food around the world!

It always amazed me how the taste of food changed from country to country but it was still something that brought people together.

Shawarma really stuck with me though.

I missed it all the time… Oh man, that shawarma…

When my parents decided to move back to India many years later, I kept looking for shawarma everywhere.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

It was difficult living without it but I managed somehow, yearning for it every single day.

When a restaurant finally opened many years later serving shawarma, I ran to it with my family.

When I took that first bite, I cried.

I always say I have two homes, one in my home country and one in the country I was brought up in for the first 13 years of my life… And with that one bite of shawarma… I was back home.

I’m sharing this story with you because I realized that day that no matter how far away you go, one of the main things that can take you back home is food and the memories you hold with it.

No matter where in the world I am, when I make my mom’s Easy Crispy Fried Indian Chicken Mixed with Tangy Sauce recipe, I’m a small kid again, in our old kitchen, watching her cook skilfully. I feel myself savoring each bite of that delicious chicken once it’s cooked, always wanting more.

Food just brings back all those memories and more.

So much more.

I created my own version of the shawarma recipe recently after multiple tries to try and match the one I had as a child so that no matter where I am in the world, I always carry that small delicious piece of memory with me of a country I love and lived in at one point in my life.

I also learned how to make my mom’s Rich and Aromatic Indian Chicken Korma Curry Cooked in Yogurt recipe, another dish that means a lot to me, so I can make it anywhere in the world too and be taken back to my home country… Another country I love with all my heart.

Food brings back memories of special or even absolutely ordinary normal moments, cultures, places… It’s amazing how food holds a connection to all of this!

Every recipe, every dish cooked has a story and a memory (or multiple!) attached to it.

I’m sure you have such memories associated with food too!

Maybe it was a meal you learned to cook when you first started living on your own?

Or perhaps it was a dish your family would cook every Sunday that you would look forward to all week…?

Or probably a meal you enjoyed in a country while traveling…?

All this doesn’t even have to be in the past! Maybe it’s a warm drink you enjoy today when the first chill of winter hits the air…!

We are always creating memories (consciously and unconsciously) with the food we eat.

My husband and I hold so many memories with food and happened to have a conversation about it one day while gaming (yes, food is one of the things we love talking about way too much!).

We shared how much nostalgia we held for some dishes.

We thought about how we would love to share our recipes with our family and friends so these recipes always live on and more memories are made with them.

We then thought how wonderful it would be to post these recipes online that mean so much to us, to remember them forever, and to make it easier for our family and friends to have access to these recipes from around the world!

We then realized how much we would love for everyone (you guys ❤!) around the world to cook our recipes and create their own memories too.

That’s when we decided to go all out with our idea of The Buttery Fairytale.

You creating and enjoying our recipes means the world to us and well, our entire day is made with even a small compliment from you!

I’m so glad to be posting these recipes out there that mean the absolute world to me. That’s because if I could have found a recipe close to the taste of that shawarma I used to have as a child all those years ago when I moved to India, I would’ve been ecstatic!

So… maybe some recipe of mine will incite some memories in you when you take that first bite?

Or maybe you’ll create your own new memories with the recipes you find here…?

Every delicious recipe deserves to be made memories with ✨.

Once I started working on The Buttery Fairytale, it hit me how badly I wanted this space to be for people who are new to cooking.

I found myself writing extra tips, tricks and detailed instructions just to make things easier for someone who doesn’t know how to cook.

When you’re new to the whole thing, you have a bajillion questions.

I relate and still remember those days when I’d just started to cook 😱.

I had constant questions like how do I know the oil is hot enough to fry something in, what steps to follow to make sure yogurt doesn’t curdle in a curry?…

… As well as tips such as how to not switch off or reduce the heat before taking all your fried stuff out or else the oil seeps in, how to make sure chicken tastes super awesome when you’re pan-frying it and making it form a delicious crust as well as so many other things.

I want to give YOU that help and that’s why I go into deep detail in my recipes ❤.

These tips and tricks will stick with you forever and you can carry them forward to other recipes that you make!

I also give you detailed variations to cook each recipe in many different ways.

I work extremely hard on every recipe to make sure it’s delicious and has important information in it.

You’ll find golden nuggets in every recipe here so one advice from me would be for you to go through the entire post of the recipe you choose to cook so you can learn new super awesome tips and tricks to make it ⭐!

The recipes in The Buttery Fairytale contain invaluable information that you may not easily be able to find in other places.

And even if you aren’t really new to cooking, you still may have questions when following a recipe. And I’d love to answer as many questions as I can for all of you.

Yes, it’s important to find a good recipe, but what’s more important is making it right too.

At The Buttery Fairytale, you’ll find absolutely delicious recipes plus help on how to make them the right way.

This will make your dish taste absolutely magical ✨… It’ll be like living a fairytale with every bite… one between you and your food.

So yes, I want you to make wonderful recipes with the food you create, while giving you delicious recipes, and going into detail to make them as easy to cook as possible.

And voilà! The Buttery Fairytale was created for us and for YOU!

You can check out our FAQs for more questions related to the blog such as how you can help us grow, how you can send in a recipe submission and more!

Some of our most popular categories

About Mish & Zee…

So that was about The Buttery Fairytale and how it came into being!

Coming to our personal lives…

I love to cook SO MUCH.

I was super curious by the entire process of cooking even as a child and would stand next to my mom while she cooked, trying so hard to lend a hand but being gently pushed away all the time because I was too young and well, because of safety issues!

As you may have understood by now, my relationship with food and cooking started really early in life.

As a child, I absolutely loved playing with tiny toy kitchen sets, filling them up with fruits, vegetables and spices and then asking my dad to taste them… multiple times a day. The poor thing!

Ah… the memories 😊.

I waited so long to grow up so I could start cooking on my own.

I’ve never looked back since and love the entire process of cooking, trying new ingredients and creating new recipes so much.

It’s something I’ll always be in love with.

I have the best sister ever who has always been a huge fan of my cooking (and still is!).

She loves every single dish I create and always has since I first started to cook on my own.

She’s also the very first fan of my food. The encouragement I got from her liking my food in the initial years of learning to cook was the absolute best and gave me such a boost too!

Cooking is one of the best things in the world for me. It relaxes me and makes me SO happy.

I can spend hours in the kitchen and come out with a huge smile on my face, and that’s just how much I enjoy it… I love the thought of creating something delicious and feeding it to people around me, watching them smile with every bite.

There’s just something so amazing about creating something yummy that makes others so happy (and enjoying it yourself too, of course 😉).

BUT hey, I promise to make the cooking process as quick as possible when I post recipes here!

I completely understand the feeling of not having much time sometimes and needing to whip up something yummy as soon as possible.

I may occasionally post a long recipe here too for when you have some extra time and would like to spend it trying a new recipe or cooking process in the kitchen 😊…

Now, let me introduce you to someone incredibly special – Zee, the biggest fan ever of my cooking!

Zee is the wonderful man I’m married to.

We started The Buttery Fairytale together and it means as much to him as it does to me.

Everything is easier with him working on this blog with me.

We run everything on The Buttery Fairytale together. It would’ve been incredibly difficult or perhaps even impossible to create this whole thing if Zee wasn’t in it with me!

We are huge newbies to the whole “having a website on the internet” thing.

We learned everything together right from scratch including making a website, running it, the photography part… Literally everything!

Here are a few words from Zee himself for you guys!

Hey there, I’m Zee! I usually let Mish handle the writing here on the blog because it’s something she absolutely loves to do, and honestly, I feel she does a much better job than I ever can.

Our journey has been a long one… We stayed up multiple nights reading and researching (still do!), so we together could understand the ins and outs of creating a food blog and making it work since both of us are new to this entire process.

It’s awesome having Mish by my side throughout all this because she is as passionate about The Buttery Fairytale as I am (maybe even more so…wait, not maybe, Definitely!).

It’s not easy because both of us work full-time and we have to take out time to make this blog work for you, and for ourselves, but it’s so much fun so I’m not complaining.

We’ve learned so many new things along the way and Mish is the most encouraging person in the world who cheered me on even when I had my fair share of mishaps which once resulted in me completely breaking the website (Whoops! Like I said, I’m new to this process).

I also am as much of a foodie as Mish is and my favorite dish is shawarma as well (what are the chances?!).

Food holds an important role in my life and I’m so glad to be doing this for you guys!

We are both involved in every single aspect of The Buttery Fairytale. We try to get off work at the same time so we can do everything together from helping each other in the kitchen, running the technical part of the blog, handling our social media, writing down content for the blog, researching and creating new recipes, shooting and editing photos and videos… and so much more.

Doing this together makes the entire aspect of working on our blog even more fun than it already is 😊.

I hope you enjoy The Buttery Fairytale as much as we enjoy creating these recipes for you.

Thanks for being here and supporting us in any way possible!


Some of our most popular recipes!

A little more about us…

Hey, it’s Mish here again!

Here’s a bit more about Zee and me…

  • I’m a lawyer and Zee is an engineer;
  • Apart from cooking, I love to write and read. Curling up with a book in a warm corner at home is one of the best things in the world ❤!
  • Zee loves playing basketball, it’s his favorite sport. He also likes listening to music and creating different snack experiments (he mixes some of his favorite snacks and makes the best combinations ever!);
  • We love gaming, trying new food and also, driving… We love going on long road trips!
  • We adore animals (I recently discovered a love for snakes, gorgeous creatures!) and our cats are as special to us as the other special people in our lives;
  • We love traveling… It’s absolute bliss for us but we are homebodies too and I have no idea how these work together but they do!
  • We’re huge introverts but we’ve made social accounts just to keep in touch with you guys, so make sure to follow us on PinterestInstagram and Facebook… send us a message or share your recipe creations with us, we’d love to see all of it!

Thank you so much for being here and for wanting to get to know us better.

I would love to get to know more about you too in the comments below ❤.

It would also be interesting to know how YOU discovered The Buttery Fairytale!

It’ll be super awesome to see you around on the blog.

I hope you have the best time cooking and eating the most amazing food ever with us!

– Mish & Zee

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